Sho-Me Baseball History

When Sho-Me Baseball Camp first opened in 1958, it was the only one of its kind. Ernie Nevel and Goldie Howard had close ties to Major League Baseball and the Ozarks. Using their ties to the MLB, Nevel and Howard staffed the camp with a number of former players they had known from their time in the League.

The camp soon became known as one of the “Big Three” camps in the country thanks to its summer camp style focused around America’s favorite pastime. Kids came to play baseball, see Branson, and enjoy the incredible view of Table Rock Lake from Double Day Loop while they were here.

The '60s

The camp changed hands in 1964 when Bob Brasher, former baseball coach at Kansas State University, took over and continued the tradition of staffing the camp with former Major Leaguers. After Coach Brasher passed away in 1979, his wife sold Sho-Me Baseball Camp to Phil Wilson – who played for Brasher at K-State.

Wilson ran the camp until the early ‘90s before it ended up in the hands of the Schroeder family in 1993. The camp sat unused for a number of years as the Schroeders invested money to completely renovate and revitalize the park.

SHo-Me Baseball Camp field
Tom Pagnozzi to Sho-Me Baseball Camp

The '90s

The Schroeder family opened the camp again in 1998. Chris Schroeder followed the tradition of staffing the camp with former Major Leaguers – like the St. Louis Cardinals’ Tom Pagnozzi and the Philadelphia Phillies’ four-time Cy Young Award winner Steve Carlton – for a few years, but slowly shifted the style of the camp. He began staffing the camp with high school and college coaches from across the country, like 2016 National Baseball Coach of the Year Kirk Bock from Bryant, Arkansas, who had a knack for teaching the foundation every player needs to be successful in the sport.

The 2000s

Chris Schroeder ran the successful and eventually the only of its kind camp until 2019. The camp remained closed in 2020 and 2021, due to the pandemic. It gave Chris an opportunity to spend more time with his family and follow his son’s baseball career, which led to his decision to sell.

Batting at Sho-Me Baseball Camp

Present Day

The redevelopment honors baseball’s rich traditions and historical significance as part of Ballparks of America. When baseball is played here, it will continue to add to the legacy of the athletes, families, kids, and supporters who visited the camp! The rebranded Sho-Me Baseball Camp will host exciting baseball events in a captivating setting overlooking Table Rock Lake in Southwest Missouri.

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