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Ages 15-16 (Advanced Camp)

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Boarding Camper One Session: Tuition - $650
1. July 7 - 12 (Open)

Tuition shall include the complete SHO-ME Baseball Advanced Camp instructional program, air conditioned lodging, meals, camp t-shirt, and insurance. Each camper is expected to observe the camp's rules and regulations. The director reserves the right to dismiss any camper who does not observe these rules and regulations. A $250 non-refundable deposit per session is required with each application.

All campers must provide proof of insurance coverage for any injury or sickness while attending the SHO-ME Baseball Camp. I release SHO-ME Baseball, its owners, staff, and all associated agents from any and all liabilities from injury and illness incurred going from home to camp, while at camp, and going home from camp. I hereby give my permission for emergency medical treatment if I cannot be reached.
  Name Of Insurance Company:
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By checking the box below I acknowledge that the above form has been filled out correctly and all information provided is true and that I agree with all of the above terms and regulations.
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Enrolling online does not hold a spot. To confirm a spot the deposit must be paid.
Once payment is received a confirmation packet will be sent in the mail.


Payment Method
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Personal Check
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Send payment made payable to
SHO-ME Baseball Camp
P.O. Box 2270
Branson West, MO 65737

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Deposit Only - One Session ($250 Non-Refundable)

Boarding Camper - One Session Total ($650)


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